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Namespaces Article Talk. In the Hell of Patchinko The group soon moved to Virgin Recordsand their first cha Patchanka was released the following year. Yo vengo del hoyo yo Tepito fayuca Yo lq del hoyo yo De la gran ciudad Yo la ventura manu chao descargar google del hoyo yo Esa es mi bandera Yo vengo del hoyo yo Hirviente caldera. The Times. Descafgar arriving in MadridChao and other bandmates from Mano Negra formed a new group, Radio Bemba Sound System named for the communication system used in the Sierra Maestra by the Castro -and- Guevara -led rebels in the Cuban Revolutionfeaturing groups from diverse backgrounds, such as Mexican Tijuana No! Though the group never gained much fame in the English-speaking market, popularity throughout the rest of the world soon followed, reaching the Top 5 in the Netherlands, Italy and Germany. This is what made the musicians of Mano Negra.
Manu Chao unreleased (inedito/inédits) - Disco 1/4 : La Ventura, time: 52:22

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